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Another Link's Awakening hack: Link's Awakening, Trick Edition 12-26-2003
Well over the past months I've been finding tons of junk on the game, even more than is supported by Nephi. What I offer is not only a patch of the first 3 levels in the game, with a few new puzzles and a few edits that are semi ASM related(several values).

It's not perfect, since I'm under a bit of a emotional stress right now, but it's still very good and should be mostly bug free. The main problem is the town outside. Let me explain a bit: Back before ZNI had it's first offical release, a conceptual beta was distributed. I accidentally based this hack off that patch, so the town was changed. The trouble is that since the GBC version has displayed graphics for the overworld, this means that the actual overworld changes do not appear to have been changed if you use a GBC emulator. The problem is that you still need to use it, since it's in .gbc format and for the DX version. This is easily fixed because you really shouldn't need to poke around town too much, but you need to go to some areas. Just feel around and you'll get it. Also the shop was taken out before, so the shop screen has nothing, but I re-added the shop via a hole in the house where you give the yoshi doll to the lady.

Now for some screens of level 1:

I got a tad silly here

This is the screen with the chest triggered

Same thing, but notice you don't get a feather. Can you say "sudden death"?

The screen before the chest is triggered. I changed where the chest spawns.


Hope the pics show. Enjoy, and make sure you look up at a walkthrough or ask questions. Like I said, I'm not entirely sure everything is refined enough, so ask.

Also, tell me about any bugs you see, I want to see if you notice everything I did to the game.

Also, as a bonus, I'm going to share the list of offsets I've found and changed in the game:

Offset for level floor tiles - 80589 - 4c

Enemy graphics 831d3 - 01

Wall graphics 805aa - 40

Block graphics 805ca - 79

Special object graphics 82eb0 - ff

Staflos ASM - 57bb8

chest asm? 81d2

enemy drop table? d635

Spiky's ASM 1f7e0

Level 6 warp event asm - ba60

Dungeon 1-6 clip bytes - 20bd4

E3dc - part of hookshot event ASM, sort of. Room in which item sfx is heard.

DC9C - room where hookshot gfx is displayed.

E492 - room where more hookshot data is. prevents sprite 30 from acting like
a key.

9EAF - X position of appearance cloud when chest event is triggered(format similar to warp data - X + 8)

9ECB - Y postion of appearance cloud when chest event is triggered(similar to warp data - Y + 16)

9ED6 - y position of location that tells the game to spawn the chest a tile above or below it's current spot. If not reset to match chests, you can get stuck if you let a chest spawn over you. Could also be used to make a cool puzzle, but without gettin stuck I don't know how.

9EE0 - x position of chest respawn location

9DED - same for stairs? X

9DF1 - same for stairs? Y

D8A24 - room locations of owl statue text

D89Fc - Text values for owl statues.

9442 - x position of the key that falls down from the celing.

9458 - y position of the key that falls down from the celing.

9433 - sprite that falls down upon triggering event 8

9437 - sprite that falls down upon triggering event 8 outside of a dungeon(gold leaf).

9083 - y position of the dive warp ASM in level 5

908D - x position of the dive warp ASM in level 5

907D - which room has the dive warp ASM, possible other values, will need further testing.

64201 - mini boss warp point rooms. Two byte pairs for each level.


~ Jigglysaint
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MegaFLE beta 0.42 released! 12-24-2003
I have updated my editor for a christmas release, and here's the new stuff:

BETA 0.42
- Fixed the Level cloning/copying bug
- Added Deletion/Insertion of Enemies
- Added Enemy HP Editing
- Supported Palette/CHR for
the "Got Weapon" screen in MM5
- New rendering method,
faster screen rendering in parts of the editor
- Auto-setting of Enemy counter data for MM4 & MM5
(fixes enemies to appear at mid-points/boss-points)
- Palette file
blank entry bug fixed
- Quit on blank entry in Enemy
Editor bug fixed
- Auto-converting of long filenames
to dos filenames (both roms and palettes)
- Other smal fixes/improvements

Get it HERE, now!

I also have a announcement to make.
I have decided to start porting MegaFLE over to windows now. I've heard much of that people have had problems with that it was in DOS, and myself, I need bigger program space, more memory, as im beggining to become tired of "Program memory overflow" and "Out of string space". A windows port will also open to other features i didnt think about before. First, I just need to learn the specifics of windows programming.

Also, I have planned to make seperate editors for MegaMan 3, 4 and 5 in windows. The DOS version has gotten more and more specific support for each game's mode. (Several lines of code is specific for a game mode etc.). This means, there will also be a traditional MegaFLE that supports all the games, but it will only support level data wich is common for all the games. (almost like MFLE in it's current state). This version will be lighter, and easy for beginners to MM hacking to use.

This is the plans. I'll see if it's too tought create a seperate level editor for both 3, 4, and 5, but at least MM5 is most likely. The DOS version might still be updated if it's of my own interest. Wait and look for further updates


~ Matrixz
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Happy Festivus to All 12-23-2003
Yes, it's that time of year again, the time of year to drag out the ol' aluminum pole and tell your family how much they've disappointed you over the past year. Yes, it's time once again for Festivus. So, while everyone else is off having dinner with their families and sharing in the warmth that is Christmas, let's all enjoy a Festivus, for the rest of us.


~ Vagla
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Momentary Insanity 12-22-2003
Well, we added a new section called Momentary Insanity, which you can find here. Every now and then, we'll throw some new bits of insanity in there such as pictures or fake news articles and the like, simply for a little touch of humor on the site. It'll display the newest entry by default; you can use the Random Insanity link to display a random entry.

If you have a good idea for some insane, humorous thing to throw in there, feel free to send myself or one of the staff a PM.


~ Vagla
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Dan's Editors Removed 12-20-2003
My editors have been removed from this website, due to the fact that have resigned. If you wish to get them, get them at Zophar's Domain.


~ Dan
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Emunet IRC Returns 12-03-2003
Edit- 12/12/03
Well, due to popular demand, the channel is remaining on forgetit. Chances are it won't be going anywhere, especially with the possibility of the server using Anope services soon. Sorry for the bothersome server switch/switch back; hopefully it won't happen again at any point.


Emunet, the IRC server where all of us used to hang out on before it changed to ForgetIt-Net, has returned at irc.acmlm.org. #desnet will likely be moving there, so for all of you IRC-goers out there, feel free to visit the channel at irc.acmlm.org #desnet.

Hope to see you there!

Edit: Having some trouble with the default address, so you might have to use irc.acmlm.org:6666.


~ Vagla
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SMILE version 0.055 11-27-2003

I seem to be updating once every 2 weeks instead of every week, but oh well. Here's a condensed list of the most important changes (for the full list, look at the site):

-Added autoscroll when dragging enemies.
-Allow user to safely increase room size (in screens)
-Allow user to add/remove Layer 2 from rooms.
-Re-added (temporarily) a feature that will allow default values to be made for the menus.

As for the last feature I mentioned here (the feature to add default values to th menus), PM me if you're interested in helping out (there were a few, but I can't remember who) . . . The menus will take a while to make, but we can finish quicker if no one is making the same menu as someone else.


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~ Jathys
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Stake v1.0 released! 11-27-2003
Stake v1.0 has been released. There are a ton of changes in this version, so feedback will be appreciated.

Here's what is in this version:
- Full level editing of all levels in the ROM.
- TSA editing
- Level palette editing
- Stairs editing
- Doors editing
- Entrances editing
- Basic enemy editing
- Global Enemy Data editing
- Basic 8x8 Tile Editor.
- Hidden items editing
- Title Screen Editor
- Stage properties editor
- Sound effect enabler/disabler
- Some basic ROM patches to change Castlevania in minor ways
- Some minor statistics can be altered
- Character Damage Editor
- Music Pointer Editor

Get it at: http://www.dragoneyestudios.net/index.php?page=utilities&id=5

Here's what is new in this version:

- Code of the program completely rewritten. Legacy code ported over to class based system.
- Stake will now check the ROM that you load and see if it's PRG, CHR and mapper number are correct for a Castlevania ROM. If it is not correct, it will refuse to load the ROM.
- Stairs now utilise the pointers to the stairs data, in preparation for the stairs adding system.
- User interface tweak to the Up, Down, Left, Right button. Now, they are BitBtn's, with relevant bitmaps, and they are moved to the position where scrollbars would be.
- Upgraded to GR32 1.5.1.
- Uses Sire's stair, door, and entrance icons.
- Middle button of the mouse is now used for an extra currently selected tile. If you don't have a middle button, Shift + Left Click is also provided.
- Stairs adding function coded. Hardcored to allow you to have only 30 stairs per stage. Changeable via a constant, but a smart hacker may want to repoint something else in that bank, so I may as well leave the space for them to do so.
- Stairs deleting function coded. Utilised through CTRL + Right click on a stair.
- Minor entrance and door bugs fixed.
- ROM properties statistics replaced by a value editor.
- ROM assembly hacks are replaced by SPF files.
- You now have to have the ROM closed to change the datafile.
- Stake now displays text in the tile selector which can tell you which tile is mapped to which mouse button. You can turn this off, or change the colour of the text.
- Added an 8x8 Tile Editor. This is an extremely basic tile editor for what is currently stored in the BG pattern table. Accessible via the middle clicking on the TSA editor whilst hovering over the tile you want to edit.
- Added the title screen editor. The compression routine may not be perfect, but it seems to work, and even compresses the original data better than it was before. The castle intro seems to use exactly the same compression method, so I may include an editor for it.
- Fixed the pattern table to correctly load in the special items for all stages.
- Rewrote the enemy editor to use a listview. Needs updating for the global enemy data loading.
- Implemented saving of the last pattern table colour for the TSA editor, and 8x8 tile editor.
- Fixed the sound effects toggler, removing the special weapons toggler.
- Added the music pointer editor. I'm not entirely sure whether the guess track name thing works correctly, but it seems to.
- Added breakable block editing. You can switch which item is dropped, and whether the block appears in the second quest only. I may do the same with the stairs, and add an option to add breakable blocks, but this will be probably be limited to adding only 5 blocks per stage, as the memory location that stores whether the block has been broken is only one byte.
- Merged all the editing modes into one generic Object Editing Mode. There was going to be too many editing modes if they had remained separate.
- Added a backup option. Every time you save, Stake will automatically check for the backups folder, and if it does not exist, it will create it. It will then compress the NES ROM that is on disk, to a ZIP file in said backup folder with the date/time as part of the filename.
- Added an option to have transparent object icons. Mainly a pretty option.
- You can now associate an emulator with Stake, for quick testing of your ROM.
- There are now several ROM patches included with Stake. These patches are in my special SPF file format. It's essentially a variant of IPS with 4 byte addresses, and title and description fields embedded in them. There are several patches included with this version which could be quite useful. Included is Thaddeus's intro remove hack, and DahrkDaiz's Red Axe hack, which I fixed the sprite to use the final sprite palette, hence making it red, and not the original blue.
- Added a character damage editor. You can now make your hack easy as hell, or super difficult. (probably will be the latter )
- Added three new properties to the ROM properties. Small heart, big heart and clock cost.
- Included an option to put a black bar across the top, hence showing you how the level will look in an emulator.
- Implemented a stage properties dialog. You can edit the time that appears when you die, or start the level, and the screen that the boss appears on. (May be useful for mid-stage mini boss or something)
- Added a metedit-style screen selector.
- You can now edit most of the palettes in the game through the palette editor.
- Implemented a check if the boss screen selector cannot find the screen that the ROM specifies. (Dracula's Stage).
- Added a 8x8 Tile Editor for the title screen.
- Implemented a global enemy data editor. Includes an enemy preview window button, that previews the Y-axis of the enemy. There are still a few enemies that are unknown, so if you figure out what they are, let me know.
- Improved the enemy editor.
- TSA now has a statusbar which tells you the currently selected tile, and the tile that you are moused over in the pattern table.
- Implemented breakable block adding. You can add up to 5 blocks per stage. You can also delete breakable blocks, if you desire.
- Implemented an option to turn off the behaviour of going to object editing mode when you add a stair or breakable block.
- Implemented a datafile option to disable the titlescreen editing. Akumajou Dracula's title screen utilises an entirely different type of RLE, that I do not know how to decompress.
- When the middle and left tile selectors are on the same tile, it now splits the tile selector's box to inform you of this.
- Coded a proper interactive enemy editor. Acts a bit quirky at the moment, but it works. I think.
- Added several more items to the candle item list. These items aren't used in any candles in the game, but they can be edited in now.


~ Dan
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